Booking Details

The session would be designed to fit your budget / requirements and can focus on one particular style or can be a combination of the range of styles I offer : urban , portrait , street style , smoke , drone video

General Rates for time on set

€ 399 / hour * min 2 hours * : best choice for 2 - 6 hours
€ 2699 / day * 8 hours * : best choice for 8 hours

Films will have at least 1 min (time of editing is general min 2 months / depending on project ) and they will be fully edited with music , anything else depends on the type of the project
My general edit is 1 film of 1 min , for more films *special edits* my rate is of € 199 / day of basic edit

Your edited images can be produced in colour / black and white or a combination of the two . My general edit is 15 images (time of editing is general 2 months / depending on project ) with the option for you to purchase more edits at € 10 per image.

Additional Important Information


Depending on your wishes , budget and requirements, additional costs may apply.
Below are a few info about the increased costs:

* For every additional hour on site, besides the general rates , here is applying the hourly rate
* Aerial photographs and permits for special locations
* Make up artists, dancers, actors, models and extra props (smoke machine, smoking bombs, accessories, etc)
* Music licenses
* Expenses for overnight stays, meals and transportation in the case of out-of-town assignments and the ones lasting several days
* For extra video or photo editing, depends on requirements
* Any permits that must be obtained for filming in special locations , will be charged additionally

Variations on all of the above can be discussed before the film session.
A film session will be tailored to your own budget / requirements / preferences and all the details will be discussed and set in full in advance